How it works

1. Browse like you normally would

Start browsing your favorite second-hand car marketplaces. As you view different car listing pages, the extension automatically tracks and records them. We can extract information from most biggest car resellers, such as and

For a complete information regarding supported websites, please visit our dedicated page about it.

2. Keep track of cars you like

Have you found a car you like? Great! You can now click the like button.

If you want to see all your liked cars, just open the menu and navigate to the liked cars page

You can always visit the vehicle listing by clicking the image or revoke your like by clicking the like button again

3. Check your History

Would you like to revisit that car you've seen but you can't remember the website or URL?

The car history feature is beneficial for keeping track of and revisiting the cars you've seen (even the ones you haven't liked) across different marketplaces.

4. Consult our Integrated Partners

There's nothing worse then buying a car that's has history of accidents or rolled back mileage.

Use one of our integrated partners that can show you some information about the car history, oftentimes completely free of charge. However, if you are interested in the vehicle a lot more, it's good idea to also get a paid report that contains a lot more detail.

Get Carlenius now

5. (Upcoming) Consult Carlenius Agent

Unless we are experts on cars, chances are that we don't know a whole lot about specific issues of a given vehicle that we are about to buy. With our integrated agent, Carlenius can help you answer questions such as:

You can also freely chat with the agent, giving you more information and peace of mind when buying your next vehicle.