Carlenius helps you to make smarter decisions about your next car purchase. See below what are tools you can use

Search popular websites

Carlenius automatically remembers all vehicles you've seen while visiting supported websites

Like cars accross websites

You no longer need to go through registration process on each website, just click the like icon and your vehicle will automatically appear in the list of liked vehicles


Get a quick overview of all the vehicles you've visited via a simple list view

Automatic VIN Detection

Sometimes websites hide Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Carl finds it for you even if it's hidden!

Wide Coverage

We currently support major US and European websites and will continue adding more

Monitor Price Changes

Carlenius remembers the last price it seen and will show you the difference, even if the website does not support it

VIN Check Integration

Before you buy, always check car history. Carl simplifies this for you with just one click integrated report

*Tax calculator

Importing a car and you need some rough idea how much it will cost you? Carl is here to help!

*Listing popularity

Is the vehicle you are interested getting a lot of attention? Carl can show you this, so you can act quickly

*Same vehicle alert

If the vehicle you are looking at is listed on other integrated websites (and potentially cheaper), Carl will show you where you can find them

*AI Assistant

Using AI we can see what tends to break on a given vehicle and also predict what will break in the future, minimising your potential downside

*Cloud Account

Allows you to sync your Carl account across various devices and export & import vehicles from browser bookmarks

*upcoming features